Monday, June 19, 2006

Begin at the Beginning

I have a wonderful friend from Canada, Cyril Kesten, who pointed me toward his blog, via an email message. I went out to his blog and began reading all his musings, and thought that I should take the opportunity to put some of my myriad thoughts about college teaching, students, organizations, and life in general into words. What an exciting opportunity, I thought! Well, here I am on Day 1 with my first posting. Let's see how this blog thing works for me.

I never thought I would ever become a teacher--let alone a college professor. I always had an overwhelming love for school, though. I was the oldest child of three and lived with my parents in a very rural community. Because we lived so far from the nearest neighbor with children, school became my oasis for friendship. I never wanted to be absent for any reason. I found that school was where I excelled, where I became the "smart" student. I wanted to achieve more and more because the teachers loved you, and your parents were very proud. I liked being recognized for having the highest average in my classes. Mainly, I just loved getting awards!

Fast foward past high school graduation and an alternate route (via failed first marriage, etc.) to my pursuit of a college degree. I was classified as a nontraditional student: a single mom raising a four-year-old son, divorced, and over the age of 25. I believe in the idea that people must fulfill their destiny--complete their life phases as it were. If you stop short of completing each stage or phase in your life, you simply return to that stage/phase (no matter your current age) and you complete it. That's what led me to college at the age of 28. I never set out with the intent to pursue anything beyond the Bachelor's Degree. However, the return to education was much like a "fix" for me. I was successful and became more in need of the next success. Thus, a Master's of Education and a Ph.D. followed the B.S.

Then college teaching set in. And what an interesting road I have traveled in the last 12 years. I will be filling you in on some of my numerous stories as Reflections of a College Professor continue. Some stories will be filled with humor, some with self-deprecating humor, and some with anguish and distress. After all, that's how life is filled, right?

Until the next posting, I will continue my "reflections as a college professor."